Frontlit NES themed Gameboy Color

This is a Gameboy Color that I modified with the frontlight of a Gameboy Advance SP. I also painted it and added NES buttons…

Best thing about it is that I was able to wire it up so that the frontlight turns on and off with the gameboy, no extra switch 🙂

I also replaced the GBC speaker with one from one of my broken SPs, I can kind of tell that it sounds a bit louder, but I may be imagining things.


2 thoughts on “Frontlit NES themed Gameboy Color

  1. Hey Zachariah, I am in the process of modding my gbc (sp frontlit) and have it working but.. the light is very dim. I am using a 33ohm resistor (at least I think i am) and think that may be part of the problem. The resistor I grabbed from an old arcade monitor board. Do you have any insight into this problem? Thanks.

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