Super Nintendo Portable

Super Nintendo Portable

5″ LED modded PS1 Screen
SNES half of a Retro Duo
4200mah Lipo Batteries
2nd player controller port

I just finished this today, turned out way better than what I would have guessed when I started. It’s been a fun ride.















5 thoughts on “Super Nintendo Portable

  1. hi, good mornin, i would like to ask u one cuestion, could it be possibly for u to sell this gadget? cos im really interested in gettin it, i think its very oldfashion, im from mexico, and i would be payin the shipment, ill apreciate any kind of answer.

    Best Regards and congrats 4 ur work!

  2. I’d like to know if it would play Super-Famicom Carts as well as the Super-NES Carts? Plus is there any possiblity I could build one as well? Have you also already built a NES Portable as well yet ?

    1. Check out the websites

      Both of these websites have a lot of information on them. An NES portable is actually a lot simpler than a SNES, and my SNES portable does play Super-Famicom carts and Super-NES carts. I used a retro duo, which is region free. If I had used a legitimate Super Nintendo I would have had to do further modifications if I had wanted it to play Super-Famicom games as well.

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