Walnut Slab Side tables






Zach-7 Zach-29 Zach-28 Zach-3 Zach-15 Zach-10

Pair of Side Tables, 2014

Walnut, Brass, Touch Sensors, Soft Close Drawer Slides

56 cm x 46 cm x 46 cm

I just finished these matching walnut slab nightstands. The brass butterflies act as touch sensors for a reading or floor lamp. There are outlets in the back that you can plug any lamp you own into. These are possibly for sale if the offer is right…


Vex Desk

_MG_8341 _MG_8342 _MG_8343 _MG_8344 _MG_8345 _MG_8349 _MG_8350

Zachariah Cruse

Vex Desk, 2014

Walnut, Aluminum, Navy Fabric

121.92 cm x 61.96 cm x 76.2

Custom Machinima themed Xbox Slim consoles

A few months ago Machinima contacted me about doing a few Xbox Slim consoles customized with their branding. I just finished these up and shipped them off to Machinima today. I’m pretty stoked with the finished product. The side emblems are laser-cut acrylic, with custom wired LED backlights. The paint is a red enamel base coat with multiple layers of black acrylic wash applied with different techniques to achieve the desired grunge look.